About RTV

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Who is RTV?

Racing Team Vee is the Formula Vee team run by Glenn Hay, with rookie driver James Cater.


Glenn Hay

Glenn is the brains behind the spanners, and the voice of vast experience.  He has raced in the Formula Vee UK championship since the early 1970’s, won the title in 1979, and also raced in Formula SuperVee and several International races.  And he’s not done behind the wheel, yet – Glenn updated his MSA Race Licence in 2016, and we  may see him back out there soon!

Glenn owns and runs G R Hay & Sons garage in Alvechurch, Birmingham, and is a popular and respected local figure.


James Cater

James is currently the main driver in RTV, and what he may lack in spanner skills he likes to think he makes up for with his keyboard.  A published poet and writer, James handles all the blogging and social media, edits and processes the video footage, and talks to the press.  And it’s a good job he does something, because with no previous racing experience at all, his work is cut out for him to begin a racing career in his (very) late-30s!

James works for a legal regulator and although born and bred in Alvechurch, now lives in nearby Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.  You can view his own website at www.jamescaterracing.com

He’s also sponsored by UK action camera company JooVuu.