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Sponsoring James Cater:


www.juuvoo-x.com – The best action and dashboard cameras from a UK based company.  Use discount code YAY10 at checkout to get the amazing Super HD 2.5k JooVuu X camera for a bargain £89.99!


Primrose Hospice is an independent charity supporting patients and families living with a life-limiting illness, across North East Worcestershire. We are a Day Hospice, Family Support Service and Primrose at Home Service. We rely on donations to provide our services for free



Race reports and interviews published in the popular local free paper, with a distribution of more than 37,000 copies per week.




The best for VW parts from racing cars to camper vans: www.vwheritage.com

For creating the brilliant winning design in our logo competition:

Dan Traynor – Twitter @hookdesignalter